Company Profile

Insulation Industries Pty Ltd was founded in 1967 in Hamilton, Newcastle NSW. Since this time our operation has specialized in all facets of industrial insulation contracting. The company has been involved in countless minor and various major industrial projects in a geographical area which covers all states of Australia and international locations that include France, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Laos and Japan.


The scope of industrial works undertaken by the company includes:

  • Installations to bulkheads, deck heads and pipe work in the marine industry
  • The insulation of pipe work including brine lines, chilled water refrigeration pipe work, steam lines and hot water pipes
  • The insulation of vessel such as boilers, brine tanks, road and rail tankers and wine tanks
  • The manufacture and insulation of air conditioning duct work
  • Acoustic insulation to enclosures, plant rooms, machinery and pipe work
  • Insulation to cryogenic equipment and food processing equipment
  • Fabrication and installation of removable heat covers
  • All Aspects of domestic and commercial building insulation

In addition to our industrial contracting division our business includes the retail and wholesale distribution of a wide array of insulation products, ventilation equipment, acoustic materials, ar conditioning duct and grilles, sealants, adhesives, building products and associated hardware. Our years of insulation experience in the fields of air conditioning, construction and noise control serve to complement and support our industrial contracting division with extensive product knowledge in these area

Insulation Industries Pty Ltd is a proud Australian owned company dedicated to excellence in the field of industrial insulation contracting. Work completed on time and to budget is our highest priority. Our lifetime of success in this field gives testimony of our dedication to quality in all our work

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